Quicker Liquor (1.0)

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Quicker Liquor is an original concept made for an infinite scrolling project following Lush Larry as he goes out for a drink or two, or more depending on your skill! During his infinite quest for inebriation Lush Larry must avoid stumbling over drunks or stepping in puke while collecting memory items that reveal clues alluding to a darker past! Find out just what Lush Larry doesn't want to remember by collecting all the memory items and be careful not to run into your ghostly ex! Quicker Liquor is an alpha build infinite runner available on the Android Market and also available on PC here for free!

Concept, Programming, and Assembly by Ryan Sams

Art by Jingrou He

Music by Trevor Mendoza 

Blue Ridge Ballad: Act 1 - This is the first working draft for the above character. (Built in Twine)

(Updated to version 2.0 now with Moonshining! Act 2 still in progress)

Blue Ridge Ballad is an original game concept following Billy Bishop, a Seneca/Irish bootlegger in prohibition-era America. The player will make numerous decisions which will lead down many different paths. Each decision has weight to it and effects options in the future as you shape the actions and personality of a small time bootlegger as she rises in the organized crime world of the 1930's, encounters historical gangsters, and reshapes the history of organized crime in this historical re-imagining. This build in Twine is an ongoing project and will be updated as more is completed.

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This is a simple platformer I built in Stencyl over the course of roughly three weeks while experimenting with different engines.

In this short adventure you play as "Rave Rat"! Your goal is to avoid the over-zealous ravers and dance with as many rave girls as possible! You may defend yourself by throwing glowsticks (enter key) or simply avoid the other ravers as you dance your way through the pulsing neon-lit playground!  

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Circuit Runner: Sparks Will Fly

Play as a love-struck Electron thrown into a perilous circuit board swarming with antivirus turrets as you attempt to reunite with your true love! 

(Warning: Not even remotely scientifically accurate)

Current Alphabuild with three increasingly difficult levels not intended for your everyday casual gamer. Although difficult, the challenging nature of the levels compels the player to implement new strategies and persevere through the treacherous world of Circuit Runner!

Art/3D modeling - Ryan Sams and Carlos Rodriguez

Level Design/Programming - Maxwell Schneider

Music/Sound Effects - Carlos Lopez

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Brief video showing the main character model rendered and animated.

CircuitRunnerCapture.avi CircuitRunnerCapture.avi
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